A rainbow overhead


A rainy day was at it’s end, two women sat alone.

Earlier, there’d been some tests, they waited by the phone.

At last it rang, but as they knew, the news would not be good.

They turned and held each other, and cried for all they could.

“Look above, my darling, there’s a rainbow overhead.”

It had come to take her soul away when she laid down her head.

“Don’t despair” she told her, with a tear as she looked on.

“You’ve lived a better life than most, although you’ve not stayed long”

The woman wept.  She sat alone, beside her daughter’s bed.

The daughter drifted off to sleep, so out her mother fled.

The daughter woke to see a beautiful angel at her side.

“Take my hand, come fly with me.  Let’s head out on this ride

Where pain is ever far away, where once again you’ll smile.

Come with me, your time is now, your flight will be worthwhile.”

The mother returned to find her child

Asleep beyond a dream.

She looked above, the rainbow had gone,

With her only child it would seem.

“Goodnight, my child.  Go safe tonight, beyond the clouds of rain.

Where life will fill you ever more, and beauty once again.

I’m looking to the heavens, there’s a rainbow overhead.

Please bring my daughter back,

You should’ve taken me instead.”


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