• I broke my own heart today,


    I’m not certain if

    I shall ever see the day

    It becomes whole again.

    I tried to be gentle,

    I tried to do what’s right,

    But it still felt wrong,

    And it hurt more than I […]

  • Kiss me with your eyes


    You bless me with your lips.

    Untie the ribbon on my corset

    With the care of your finger tips.

    Nibble on the nape of my neck,

    Breathe heavily on my skin.

    Trace your name upon […]

  • He clambered up onto the trenches

    Amidst the gunshot and explosions,

    Hankering for the comfort of his good wife’s embrace.

    The bitter rain cried down from the broken sky

    And soaked his bloodstained […]

  • It has been said, that

    Fate determines who walks into your life,

    But it is the beating heart


    Conscious being

    That decides who stays –

    Long after they have walked away.

    Wish them well as they go it […]

  • You handed me this gift of beauty,

    You gave it for all to see.

    You didn’t mind who was watching,

    The gift was from you to me.

    You placed it in my thankful hands,

    You smiled, and so did I.

    Your gift was pure […]

  • Softness settles,
    As evening draws to an end
    And night time is born
    Once again.
    The sand beneath my feet
    Feels like silk
    Caressing the skin between my toes.
    As I dance in the moonlight
    Underneath starlit […]




    I starved myself to the point of utter exhaustion,

    But it made no difference.

    My thinning ribs once cradled a beating heart so full of love,

    But not now.

    It was all for you,

    I did it all for yo […]

  • Love is always awake

    Yet holds the promise of dreams.

    It keeps us warm

    Without smothering.

    It knows when to speak

    And when to be silent.

    It holds you up

    When you’re down.

    It breaks hearts,

    Then mends […]

  • I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer.

    My head always lost in the clouds.

    Filled with my thoughts and emotions,

    To afraid to voice them aloud.

    And when my heart’s full and near breaking,

    And all I can do is […]