• How can one man have such grace and goodwill?

    How could one ride with such ethereal skill?

    How could he be so at one with his horse?

    I ponder as I watch him, this incredible force.



    Such wit when he s […]

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    There are those that give love on account of condition,

    Which isn’t really loving or giving at all.

    And there are people who smile through their hard gritted teeth,

    So committed to kicking you ha […]



    When I’m healing from pain
    I discovered another,
    There’s no love from my father, my siblings, my mother.

    In my most desperate pain
    I woke up just to find,
    That no one was keeping me safe in their m […]

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    What is a father?
    As a child, I never knew that
    A father could be anything other
    Than a figure to be afraid of,
    A man that stank of danger, whiskey and

    Who’d fall asleep mid conversation
    And d […]






    There I stood,

    Alone in a field of grass.

    One solitary perennial weed,

    Standing abstractly in the sea of green.

    Contemplating the breeze of before,

    How it shook my delicate stem and loos […]



    Some people tried to love me.

    Some said they’d always stay.

    Some said that through the storms we’d face

    They’d be there night and day.

    Some people ran for their safety.

    Some people ripped open my h […]

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    Jagged scars across my heart.

    I have to consider now,

    Is this all I’m worth?

    Is this my destiny –

    My journey’s end?

    Why do I feel so deeply

    For people

    Who evidently begrudge my depth?

    Am I just […]

  • Don’t turn away 

    When I need you the most 

    I’ve searched the world over 

    From continent to Coast 

    To find my safety 

    To devour your charms 

    And feel in love completely

    I’d be safer in your arms  […]

  • In the dark, silent hours
    We stand alone,
    Distant and cold.

    The love
    We once shared
    And left in tatters
    Around us.

    How could something
    Once so beautiful
    End like this?

    All of our memories
    Scattered […]

  • Do not fret, my sweet yet thoughtless lover!

    You have set yourself free of the torture

    That is my adoration and desire.

    For you, I would have sailed the seven seas,

    Fought long and hard for your sanctuary,

    I […]

  • Mad love,

    I fell harder than I realised,

    But it was just a Folie a’ deux.


    A surge,

    Came thundering into my existence

    And wiped out all I thought I knew.


    This crush

    Engulfed our minds in a wondrous f […]

  • Silent years have gone by

    In just a few weeks.

    Bitter words widened

    The gaping chasm between us

    And took away our cornerstone.

    We are complete,

    And completely broken

    With no chance of sweet reconciliation.

  • Betrayal comes in many forms,

    Each form rejected by those who perpetrate the wrong doings, as being

    Borne out of my deep rooted insecurities,

    But my gut knows the truth. 

    Bitter experience has robbed me of […]



    I am the goddess, I am the fire

    I am the one consumed by desire

    I carry wisdom, I digest truth

    Its an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

    I am the listener, I am the light

    I am the one you will miss at […]

  • Waiting for that call

    To find out if you care at all

    I know that things lay heavy on your heart


    But if you still have hope

    When you feel you cannot cope

    It doesn’t get easier when we are apart


    The h […]

  • You’ve broken my heart now

    In so many different ways,

    You’ve left me crying, and sleepless

    And in silence for days.

    When I’ve felt that there’s nothing more

    I can say to you, or do,

    You return and for a […]

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