Anywhere but here



When I’m healing from pain
I discovered another,
There’s no love from my father, my siblings, my mother.

In my most desperate pain
I woke up just to find,
That no one was keeping me safe in their mind.

No friends that would visit,
No family that care
Just my son and my animals
Who wanted me there

I dream of the day I can leave this town,
I must find a place where my dreams won’t drown.

Where people are loving, welcoming and kind,
And there’s no ulterior motives concealed in their mind.

Does this place exist?
Are these people for real?
I can’t make my mind up
I can’t tell, what’s the deal?

I’m an alien here,
I don’t fit or belong
And there’s nowhere I’m going,
No place I come from.

Recovery is painful,
A pain like no other,
When you know there’s no love
From your sister or brother

Is it time to give in?
Give up or give out?
I don’t know what the score is,
I don’t know, must I shout?

I don’t think I’d cry if I left this town,
With its bitterness and loneliness,
It just brings me down.

I’d be happy in a bus,
With my heart and guitar,
I’d keep walking that road,
I’d be travelling far.

One day, I shall do this,
And at last I’ll be free,
And I’ll finally be happy
With just being me.


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