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Keep on

      There are those that give love on account of condition, Which isn’t really loving or giving at all. And there are people who smile through their hard gritted teeth, So committed to kicking you hard when you fall. But if you can rise from another disaster And look at your enemy square…

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Sunrise buttercup






There I stood,

Alone in a field of grass.

One solitary perennial weed,

Standing abstractly in the sea of green.

Contemplating the breeze of before,

How it shook my delicate stem and loosened my roots

Yet gave me a silent determination to prevail.

In a field of grass,

Don’t be afraid to be a buttercup…

Jagged scars

  Jagged scars across my heart. I have to consider now, Is this all I’m worth? Is this my destiny – My journey’s end? Why do I feel so deeply For people Who evidently begrudge my depth? Am I just strange? Why do words and thoughts Consume my every waking second? Where do I seek…

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Don’t turn away

Don’t turn away  When I need you the most  I’ve searched the world over  From continent to Coast  To find my safety  To devour your charms  And feel in love completely I’d be safer in your arms  Don’t treat me like a plaything –  Be serious and real  You can’t just pick and choose the…

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