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Some nights when loneliness gets too much So that I cannot cry I lie awake and contemplate And sit there thinking “why?” Why was I born into a world So full of such despair? Where violence filled my days and nights And anger consumed my air. My head is filled with sorrow Of a childhood…

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   Had the gods intended us to be, Then there would be no strains. Had the stars blessed our union, There would be blood pumping in these veins. Had it been built to last, Then the foundations wouldn’t have crumbled And looking directly into your soul, I’d have walked into your arms, not stumbled. Misled,…

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Blessed am I

Blessed am I, For you walked into my life. Like steam rising from a hot spring, Your entity envelopes me And settles upon my bare flesh. Like a robin sings throughout the night In search of his destiny, Your voice rings true in my ears. As autumn soothes a hot summer Into the abyss of…

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