Don’t waste your tears

No amount of bitter tears shed

Will ever ease your pain,

When you feel as if the more you love,

The more you’re pushed out of the frame.

He simply has no room for you,

And you know that breaks your heart,

It casts a cloud above your head

And turns your lightness into dark.

You know when you’re talking and making love

All is well inside your bubble,

But the minute he turns his back on you

Your head and heart clash, and cause trouble.

He ignores you when you need him,

He’s never there when times are tough.

He disappears for as long as he wants,

Then reappears with excuses and stuff.

That time when he got you in trouble,

And you caught him red handed, remember!

He had no care for the damaged he’d caused

And ignored you from August to December!

This isn’t the way a good man loves,

It isn’t how it’s meant to be

But if you can’t learn from these stupid mistakes,

Then take it as gospel from me.


About Sunrise

I’m a writer and musician

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