hearts on fire





A whisper on the breeze

Enveloped me today.

From where it came,

I know not

But yet, it came.

As gentle as summer rain,

It devoured my senses.

Its taste,

Sweet and inviting

Yet, unlike anything

I’ve ever tasted before.

It’s sound,

Soothing, yet invigorating.

It’s texture,

Like newly spun cotton.

Its scent,

More fragrant than

A bouquet of spring blossom.

No sooner had it


It’s sweet nothings

Deep into my

Inner being,

It was gone!

Now I sit on this cloud

And long for

The next whisper on the breeze

To find me,

And envelope me once more…




Fire, fire





Burning up,

Orange and crimson in hue

Like the flush of skin

In rapture.

Intense and captivating,

Deadly if abused,

Yet life preserving

If used correctly.

A chemical reaction,

Producing heat and light

For all who surround it,

For all that dare witness it.

Approach with care,

And appreciate it’s qualities.

Attack with desire,

To produce better flames.

Be mindful,

Nurture with knowledge

And trust,

For a long lasting warmth

Can be extinguished

With bitterness

Or a blanket of sorrow…


Rooted deep, branches upreaching towards the sun, basking in the glorious warmth to generate clean air for everyone...

Rooted deep, branches upreaching towards the sun, basking in the glorious warmth to generate clean air for everyone…





All that ever was,

From the very beginning.

All that ever walked,



Galloped or


Is what makes the earth.

New life springs from old,

Planted in the ground

Are the very fruits that feed us,

Yet we feed to the earth

Dead flesh



How can we regain

The balance

Between what we put in,

And what we take out?

The skies cry acid tears,

In an attempt to wash away the toxins of Man,

The poisons of our own making.

Year by year,

Another species is eradicated

To make room

For human greed.

This was not the intention of

Our maker.

We have got it terribly wrong…


Swallow Falls, Wales






Unless contained.


In varying degrees of




Life preserving


Life ending,

Depending on global positioning

Or government intervention.

We swim in it like the fishes who procreate in it,

We bathe in it, and drink it by the glass full

We waste it and poison it,

Because that is the nature of Man.

Man opposes the natural balance

Of each element,

And each element,

In return,

Seeks revenge.






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