Hand in hand,

Skin on skin,

We move

In a gentle light.

I trace my name

Upon your bare back

As you lightly smooth

Your fingers through

My hair.

A gasp,

A soft cry –

The only sounds to be heard.

You look down on me

In the gentle light

And follow where your eyes lay

With sweet kisses,

Which blissfully linger

In that moment,

And the whole night through.

An intense elevation envelopes me,

And I crave to know if it does you.

Your softly scented hair

Falls to each side

Of the most beautiful face I have ever seen

And then onto mine

As if to dry my tears of utter fulfilment.

I cannot bare to hold on to this sensation any longer –

I must allow this inner feeling to flow.


We lay back

And rest

In the warmth and security

Of each other’s arms

Until early daylight,

When we’ll begin once more…


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