Hey now

Hey now,

Where have you been?

Hey now,

Look at the trouble you are in.

Empty words came flooding out,

The lies,

The truth,

It made us shout,

But once again,

All we have left is pain.

You there,

Sitting on your own.

Come over here,

You are not alone.

I love you still,

You silly fool.

Stop playing games,

We’re not at school –

We’re grown,

And together,

We could grow.

Where’s the words you’d speak

Or write,

The one’s that kept you

Up all night.

The way you used to stroke

My hair,

There was never a moment without

You there.

Until the day we lost

Our seed,

I cried,

You lied,

I would beg

And plead,

Just hold me,

And put back

All the trust

You took away.

Hey now,

Are we all through?

Tell me,

What should we do?


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