I wonder where you are tonight…

I wonder where you are tonight,

Under starlit skies.

For far away you are from me

And with you, my heart lies.

Your bare foot treading softly

Over golden sun kissed sand

And life filled oceans gently lull

In that distant, perfect land.

I wonder how you’re feeling

As you walk along your way

And if you know I think of you

On this, and every day.

I wonder if you loved me

And why on earth you left

For on that day, you took away

My life, and left me death.

I know the stars look down on you

And see your every smile

And I often close my eyes and pray

To see you for a while.

For in a night of dreaming once

Your face appeared to me,

More beautiful than ever, it was

How cruel can sleeping be!

I woke and felt your absence,

I cried and called your name.

I longed to feel your love again

But all I felt was pain.

I wonder where you are tonight

Beyond the sun and rain

And if you ever think of me

And if you look the same.

One day I will be with you

To complete our lives together

And our hearts will for the last time

Be joined in love forever.




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