If he only knew himself as I know him

Once came to the earth

A sweet child, he was born.

A gift to embrace,

A new life to keep warm.

The years soon escaped him,

His childhood had flown,

And there in the mirror

Stood this man who had grown.

What blessed him had burdens

Unspoken and deep.

They kept him from slumber

Or awakened him from sleep.

He gazed in the mirror

Unsure of his weathered face,

Unsettled by his memories

Haunting his mind space.

His heart felt defeated,

As life had been unkind.

He couldn’t quite fathom out

All the thoughts on his mind.

His glass was near empty,

His smile had all gone,

And he felt not the love

He had been blessed with all along.


And deep in the darkness

His nightmares felt real

And pain, sorrow and anguish

Were all he could feel.

He stood at the crossroads

Unsure of his way


When along came his soulmate

Who understood how to play.


So he sang

“There’ll be no more weeping.

No more crying for me!

For tears are no longer

The ingredient I need.

As long as the sun shines,

I shall always be free.

Wrapped in eternity,

Just you and me”


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