In the wake of the storm

In the dark, silent hours
We stand alone,
Distant and cold.

The love
We once shared
And left in tatters
Around us.

How could something
Once so beautiful
End like this?

All of our memories
Scattered carelessly
Along our
Rocky path,

We slowly step through
The minefield
That was once
A meadow
Of sunkissed flowers,

Weeping and lamenting
To see such
And sadness in
The wake of our storm.

Empty hearts,
Empty arms,
Empty lives.

You were my all,
Now we are just strangers.

How could you become that
Somebody I used to know?

I held out my hand for you to hold, but
You ran away
And took half of me with you,

And that half of me still lives
Within your promises
And soft words of love,

But I need it back
So that I can heal the edges
Of my broken soul again.

I miss you,
I miss us.
I miss our dreams.

If you bring that half of me back,
You can stay safe
Within me,


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