Jagged scars


Jagged scars across my heart.

I have to consider now,

Is this all I’m worth?

Is this my destiny –

My journey’s end?

Why do I feel so deeply

For people

Who evidently begrudge my depth?

Am I just strange?

Why do words and thoughts

Consume my every waking second?

Where do I seek out the answers

To these questions that


Through my consciousness?

How have I got things so wrong?

Why do I keep making the same mistakes,

All in the name of this chemical reaction they call


It’s an endless rollercoaster

Of Pain and humiliation.

Is it my bruised ego

Making me consider maybe,

Just maybe,

I am worthy of better?

Or is it true?

Do I deserve to be smiled at,

Spoken to with kindness and understanding?

Or should I end my days just as they started,

Being scolded and made to feel


People tell me to snap out of it,

I retreat further.

I dare to reach out and people mock me

And take advantage of my childlike


Who has the answers?

Who can guide me?

I’ve searched my soul until

It felt afraid and left me.

Now, I’m alone

And I don’t know what to do…

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