Keep on




There are those that give love on account of condition,

Which isn’t really loving or giving at all.

And there are people who smile through their hard gritted teeth,

So committed to kicking you hard when you fall.

But if you can rise from another disaster

And look at your enemy square in the face,

You will always be humble and stronger than they are,

You will grow more at home within your own sacred space.

I have no desire to force fit in with misery,

I just yearn to be welcomed, happy and free.

I open my arms to embrace good intentions,

The darkness you speak of has no reflection on me.

For the last time, I rise up and dust myself off,

This road now is one I must travel alone.

All the pages of time, once written in blood

Have been replaced with peace that I’ve not before known.

Freedom is a concept you can achieve on your own,

Or with a partner that lavishes you with tenderness, homegrown.

Inner strength is within us, we are born to survive!

Against hardships and danger, we can feel most alive!

But now is the only moment we need

To embrace, to enjoy, to thrive and succeed.

Speak only with kindness,

Give all of your heart.

Holding on to your own

Each new day’s a fresh start.

One day I’ll return to the stars above

And my name will be forgotten along with my face,

But my energy will continue for as long as time,

And a lasting impression I shall leave on this place.

Smile, love hard, be true and be strong.

Give from your heart, be overflowing with song.

Walk on, be noble, laugh long and have fun,

When this earthly life is over, another journey will have begun.



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