Some nights when loneliness gets too much

So that I cannot cry

I lie awake and contemplate

And sit there thinking “why?”

Why was I born into a world

So full of such despair?

Where violence filled my days and nights

And anger consumed my air.

My head is filled with sorrow

Of a childhood spent alone.

My heart is aching with the weight

Of emptiness thats grown.

My tired soul has been fighting on

But now she cries to me,

And warns me of a future time

Where she will fail to be.

Some days I can’t get out of bed

And it so hard to waken.

From the serenity of slumber

Where my waking pain is taken.

Alone I feel in battle,

My barricades I must defend.

I must elude my enemies

Or fight them till the end.

For my end is drawing closer,

With this and everyday,

And I pray someone will help me,

And give me guidance on my way.



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