Reflections of depression




I starved myself to the point of utter exhaustion,

But it made no difference.

My thinning ribs once cradled a beating heart so full of love,

But not now.

It was all for you,

I did it all for you.

So that I blended in to my surroundings

Instead of spoiling the view

But it all meant nothing.


To hell with you all,

I don’t need you anymore.

I was just a doormat to you anyway.

You can use me,

Abuse me again if you have to,

But I’ve developed to tolerance to pain,

And you couldn’t make me

Feel worse than I do now.

My tears flow

Just as yours would

If I let you into my secret world,

But to you lot,

I’m nobody

And thats how you manage to hurt me.


I wish I were that clever.


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I’m a writer and musician

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