As the birds begin to wake

And the night turns into day

I watch as you lie sleeping

Before I stir you into play.

I reach across to touch you

Place my lips upon your skin

Then like stars up in the heavens

Your eyes open, I gaze in.

Good morning lover, you say to me

I answer with a kiss

And yes, it’s true I know it,

I’ve never loved a man like this.

My heart begins to speed up,

My hands begin to roam.

I know I want to do this

Every time we are alone.

You hold me down and kiss me

I want you oh so bad

Yours are the lips I’m craving for

The sweetest I’ve ever had.

You fill me with your eagerness

Thrust your hips alongside mine

And within an instant

I get that pleasure so divine.

Then it’s time for you to finish

Bucking hard, you complete me

And lying back in awesomeness

We sigh, we kiss, we’re free


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