Sometimes, it feels like Groundhog Day…

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Some people tried to love me.

Some said they’d always stay.

Some said that through the storms we’d face

They’d be there night and day.

Some people ran for their safety.

Some people ripped open my heart.

Some people said some awful things

That tore my soul apart.

And no matter what I say or do,

There’s just some people that won’t get through,

My wall is high, my spirit low,

I’ve died inside, but just so you know

I will not cry another day,

I will not hold you or beg you to stay.

Go if you must, abuse my trust,

Go to the silence you cherish so much.

We do what we do, we go our own way

And I’ve decided that this is the day,

I turn away and focus upon

Healing the pain of where I come from.

You’re untethered, unshackled, released, set free

And now is the time I relearn to be me.

I may always be your biggest regret

But I know that you’ve not seen the best of me yet.


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