subtle messages

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A gift

You handed me this gift of beauty, You gave it for all to see. You didn’t mind who was watching, The gift was from you to me. You placed it in my thankful hands, You smiled, and so did I. Your gift was pure and innocent, It made me want to cry. Your words were…

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Hey now

Hey now, Where have you been? Hey now, Look at the trouble you are in. Empty words came flooding out, The lies, The truth, It made us shout, But once again, All we have left is pain. You there, Sitting on your own. Come over here, You are not alone. I love you still, You…

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 Hand in hand, Skin on skin, We move In a gentle light. I trace my name Upon your bare back As you lightly smooth Your fingers through My hair. A gasp, A soft cry – The only sounds to be heard. You look down on me In the gentle light And follow where your eyes…

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Never forget

When words cannot express And When darkness is at your door – Remember me. When times are hard And When we are apart – Remember us. When our words become crossed And When hope is low – Remember our love For it continually grows And Becomes stronger which each knock It takes. When all seems…

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