subtle messages

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Stolen moments

Sunkissed skin On the silken white canvas of hers. A delightful mix Of heady passion, Lust, And connection Simmering beneath the surface For none but them to savour. So intrinsically entwined, Locked at the lips, And hips. Bliss overwhelming them in That moment of ecstasy, That fleeting moment Of eternity. A tongue, Unleashing hell fire…

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My love

    The angel of my lifetime Who’d never break my heart Fills me with completeness Even when we are apart. His gorgeous skin incumbent Upon my ample flesh His loving arms surround me His scent is clean and fresh. His voice is warm and tender His will and might so strong He holds my…

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Blessed am I

Blessed am I, For you walked into my life. Like steam rising from a hot spring, Your entity envelopes me And settles upon my bare flesh. Like a robin sings throughout the night In search of his destiny, Your voice rings true in my ears. As autumn soothes a hot summer Into the abyss of…

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