The raining fists

The raining fists

Fell upon her skin,

Each one as fierce and unrelenting as the last,

Yet nothing wounded her soul like

The words he spat out

In anger.

His actions,

Callous and cruel,

When he knew so much

Of the suffering

She had already endured,

Did he not care to protect her as his queen

Or was she unlovable

And destined to be this way for always?

Each time he strayed away from their path,

He stole away

Another fragment

Of her weary bruised heart

And she cried not for the bruises

Visible to the eye,

But for the ones she concealed within

Her heart and mind.

This beating lasted just over 3 years,

An extension of the formative years of her life

Yet somewhere within

She knew it wouldn’t always be so bad,

Even as she fell to the floor

Her nose bleeding and broken,

A deep gash exposing her bone,

She told herself

He didn’t mean it,

He’d cry and hold her

And promise not to do it again,


There she lay on the dusty old carpet,

Life ebbing away,

Soul destroyed.

Things will be different from now on,

She told herself as she stole her very last breath as

That woman…


She was right in thinking things wouldn’t always be

So bad.

She awoke different.



Awkwardly stronger

But acutely tainted

By such a traumatic event.

And she set off on a journey all by herself to put right

All the wrong

She had been delivered

In her short years.

She’s still traveling now,

Only she smiles more than she used to.

She falls foul of her sadness sometimes

And she rains down her fists of harsh words

Upon those undeserving of her pent up fears

And hardly a soul knows why,

Nor cares for her

Brashness and clumsy way of loving.

There is one,

The bringer of light,

The maker of dreams

Who slips into her mind

And whispers his words abundantly

To her waiting and eager heart.

She resists him,

Pushing him away

When she should embrace

His lessons,

For he is wise

And has lived many lives

Within one.

But again,


She knows It won’t always be this way….



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