The wall of silence

Build up the wall, brick by brick

Build up the wall, brick by brick

You’ve broken my heart now

In so many different ways,

You’ve left me crying, and sleepless

And in silence for days.

When I’ve felt that there’s nothing more

I can say to you, or do,

You return and for a short while,

I’m reminded of you.

Then our trust begins to grow

And in love again I fall,

And together it feels as though

We’re demolishing that wall.

And just as we get there,

Almost at the last brick,

You vanish and ignore me

And treat me like a prick.

I forgave you for everything,

Even though the pain is impossible to forget.

And each time that you remind me,

My heart is burdened with regret.

Still I can’t stop loving you,

The stars above know how I’ve tried.

The breeze has carried my pleas to you

And still you ignored me as I cried.

I gave you chances after chances,

Time and time and time again.

You swore you loved no other,

Told me I was your best friend.

This is not how you should treat me,

Whatever is going on in your head?

You’ve thrown me out of your loving arms

And kicked me from your bed.

Right now I’d trade the moon and stars

For a moment in your caress.

To feel your love envelope me

As we slowly start to undress.

I know now you do not love me

But that feels wrong, how can that be?

When you spent years saying you’d move heaven and earth

To at last be at one with me?

And I feel now that you’ve just jumped ship

Taken the coward’s way out

And you sit there smug in your silence

Comforting yourself with your own self doubt.

I should’ve known better than to trust again,

I should’ve known no one was my best friend

But I gave you the benefit of circumstance’s doubt

And still to this day I don’t know what that’s all about…



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