To the brothers and sisters of earth…

Step into the forest of my mind,
Where the branches of each tree embrace you….
Each creature that dwells within the safety of the foliage
Lives in harmony with it habitat, and each other.
The sun rises, and falls over the lush green trees
And the pale moon evolves through its phases
As it has done since time began.
The streams flow freely,
Giving life and nourishment to all who depend on them
And sweet fruit grows upon hardy plants.
One by one, the fruit is picked and eaten,
Or it falls to the floor where it decays.
Yet in turn, it provides a source of knowledge for the body and earth alike.

We each have a forest of divine meaning within us,
And some are more suited to nurturing and fertilising the earth than others.
Yet it is our duty, as the children of mother earth
To sustain our gift for our children,
And eternal preservation.


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