Treacherous whispers

It has been said, that

Fate determines who walks into your life,

But it is the beating heart


Conscious being

That decides who stays –

Long after they have walked away.

Wish them well as they go it alone,

For your journey will now

Be lighter –

Their burdens have been transferred to another.

Wisdom is not measured in the telling of tall tales,

Nor in the vast consumption of tolerance and understanding.

Tolerate what you must,

Then embrace the delight of letting go

Of what is unimportant,

Draining your emotional resources

For others

That have misplaced their own is exhausting.

When battling with the idle melancholy,

Allow the shallow, meaningless words to rush through one ear

And out of the other,

For no words can hurt you any longer.

Allow it not a moment to settle

Upon the walls and floors

Of the

Sanctuary of your own fortress.

Crave not for the pity

That some spend a lifetime searching for,

For no spirit ever grew strong from pity.

The spirit is never stronger than when content

Within itself,

For the chase to find perfection

Is a fruitless one.

Stand alone,

Yet surrounded by the

Powers that be.

And treacherous whispers will


As quickly

As when you learned the value of

Watching them walk away.


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