Unfinished business



Do you still dream of me night after night?

Do you still want to hold me tight?

Do your lips belong on mine?

Can I adore you till the ends of time?

What do you see when you look at me?

What do you feel when its not me, but she

That takes your hand, and Kisses your lips

Whilst all the time, Its you I miss.

Talk to me now, and soothe my fears.

Let the music of your beauty fall upon my ears.

Fill my eyes with the sight divine,

The lust of your beautiful skin on mine.

Our lips entwined,

Our bodies embracing

I need this to help me through

What I’m facing.

I wish I could see what was going on

So I wouldn’t be feeling so led along.

Fate brought us back to each other’s arms,

And right now, I need you to keep me from harm.




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