Until then…

In the chill of a late summer’s eve,

I lie suspended in time

Upon a garden swing.

My thoughts are mixed,

My mood fixed.

I’m thinking about yesterday


How different it was from today.

Why is time my enemy?

Yesterday was filled with everything I crave in life –

Simplicity, love, beauty, freedom and


Surrounded me.

But today,

I have little more than

The trickle of the nearby fountain

And the sounds of nature

Flying high above my troubles

To keep me company.

For now,

I know I have lost

What is so very precious to me.

But one day,

All that made yesterday what is was

Will return.

And everything that makes today

So lonely

Will go.

There will be a pleasing space


Simplicity, love, beauty, freedom and


To ease into.

How I long for that to come,

But as usual,

Time is my enemy.

Fleeing when I’m happy

Ceasing when I’m not.

But my time will come.


It has too…………..


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