What have I learned?

What have I learned in all these years?

What will hold me steadfast

And comfort my soul as the days grow cold?

Whispers of the heart are insincere,

Said only when accompanied by the devilish lust,

And that nothing lasts forever;

Organic matter transforms from one energy source to another

Yet never ceases to be.

Maybe that is true of love.

Its metamorphosis from something sacred

Into something cold and distant

Is a tale I have become accustomed to.

A friendship of one sided loyalties and

Words of meaningless support

In times of dire need.

Light into darkness,

Love into loss.

Comfort into loneliness

And hope into despair.

This is what I have come to learn in my time on earth.

A lesson I took early on in life,

Yet its teachings got lost in the optimism

Of a better life.

So I start once again,

But with a little less care than before

And a lot less trust

For those I once held dear.

And a mantra that perpetuates itself in my mind

As the days drag by.


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