Where are you now?

Waiting for that call

To find out if you care at all

I know that things lay heavy on your heart


But if you still have hope

When you feel you cannot cope

It doesn’t get easier when we are apart


The hours drag by every day

And there’s nothing more that I can do or say


Take me back to the time

All was well, you and I were fine

Break me if you must

Show me why I shouldn’t trust

Just use your words and we’ll be good

If you’d only love me like you should


There’s no confusion anymore

I know you cannot love me like you did before

But after all is said and done, you’re still the one


I do not want much from this life

Just a little respite from the strife

A little smile from you, a handshake and the words to say we’re through.


I feel that you will always hold my heart

It shouldn’t be this way, we shouldn’t be apart

But I accept that you’re not mine and never were for all this time.


So kiss my lips this one last time

Tell me that you’re sorry that you can’t be mine

There’ll never be another who can move me just the way you do


Look me in the eyes and say

This is the last time that we’ll ever be this way

Just know that in my heart I’ll always be completely yours, its true




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